Laguna Tattoo opened its doors at 656 South Coast Highway in Laguna Beach on May 12, 1982. At that time, there were only three other tattoo shops in Orange County: two in Anaheim and one in Garden Grove. The original owner of Laguna Tattoo was Pati Pavlik, who operated the shop until 1994 when it was sold to Stephen Crome.

Throughout the 80s and early 90s tattooing was seeing a steady increase in popularity. While tattooers were traditionally thought by the public to be standoffish and gruff, the artists at Laguna Tattoo were known as very approachable and easy going. The shop at that time was full of houseplants and a variety of artwork, and music played nonstop, which made for a laid back and fun experience for customers and artists alike.

After the shop was sold, the tradition of having friendly and accessible artists continued. Pati and Stephen both felt that providing a relaxed atmosphere, along with keeping the tattooing process professional, was important to make the business thrive, which it has from its beginning to present day.

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