Does getting a tattoo hurt?

Getting a tattoo does involve some pain but it's bearable. It feels somewhat like a warm scratch or a cat scratch. The arm, calf and shoulder blade generally are less painful than the chest, ankle and stomach.

How long does it take?

The time it takes to get a tattoo depends on it's size and location on the body. A design the size of a baseball should take no more than an hour.

What is the age requirement to get a tattoo?

You must be at least 18 years of age with a valid photo I.D. to get a tattoo and there is no parental consent (California State Law).

Do you take appointments or can I just walk in?

You can walk in to get a tattoo although custom work usually requires an appointment. For walk-ins, it's best to call the shop the day of when you'd like to come in, or just stop by, and see what our schedule is. Please come into the shop to make an appointment.

What about deposits?

We ask for a deposit to make an appointment. DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE as they guarantee our time for your appointment.

Can a tattoo be changed or removed once it's on?

Additions can be made to a tattoo once it's on. An unwanted tattoo can be covered with another one but keep in mind the new design usually has to be larger and darker than the one to be covered up. If you want a tattoo removed or lightened in order to make a coverup easier, we recommend Sublime MD in Riverside, Redlands and Mission Viejo.

In what condition should I be in before I get a tattoo?

Prior to getting a tattoo, we recommend NOT drinking alcohol or taking drugs and it's not a good idea to get a tattoo on freshly sunburned skin or skin that's damaged in any way. We WILL NOT tattoo you if we can determine you've been drinking or taking drugs. If you have any medical condition in which you're not sure how you'll react to getting a tattoo, consult your doctor.

What about AFTERCARE?

  • Remove bandage in 4-6 hours and wash tattoo with soap and water. Do not rebandage.

  • After two days apply a small amount of lotion, such as Lubriderm, a few times a day for the first few weeks. Do not use Vasaline, Neosporin or any greasy stuff.

  • Showers are okay but do not expose tattoo to the sun, bath, jacuzzi, sauna, ocean, etc. until it is healed, about 2-3 weeks. When in the shower, do not scrub tattoo, just let the water run over it.

  • After the tattoo is healed sunblock can be used to keep the tattoo from fading and hand lotion will keep it looking nice and new.

What are my design options and are there any you won't do?

We can design something for you from what's in your mind but having reference material is always helpful. We also have designs in the shop as well as internet access. Please keep in mind that the smaller a design is, the less detail we can do in the tattoo. We DO NOT tattoo antisocial words or designs so please don't ask and we generally don't tattoo the face, fingers or toes.

Do you sell tattoo equipment and can you give me information so I can tattoo my friends?

We DO NOT sell tattoo equipment, color or supplies of any kind. We DO NOT give out information on obtaining them or tips on how to tattoo, so please don't ask.

Is your shop registered with the health department?

All artists are licensed with the Orange County Health Dept. and take yearly blood borne pathogen training. Our health dept. licenses are renewed yearly as well. The shop is also inspected annually.

Do you do piercing, branding or scarification?

No, we do not.

How do you accept payment, what is your hourly rate and do you have a minimum charge?

We gladly accept cash, credit/debit cards and traveler's checks. Sorry, no personal checks. Our hourly rate is $150 and we have an $80 minimum.

What if I have any other questions?

Please feel free to EMAIL or call the shop at (949)497-3702.

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